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Love can be dysfunctional or it can be remarkable.
I'm all about love, both negative and positive aspects of it.
Ask me anything I don't judge.
I just enjoy talking to people and helping people.
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“…If God be for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31, KJV)
So often when difficulties come, people tend to feel overwhelmed, unequipped, or outnumbered. They shrink back or look for an easy way out or a place to hide. But that’s not God´s best for us. He never intended for us to be consumed by our challenges; He intends for us to overcome our challenges!
If you´re facing a difficulty today, it´s time to dig your heels in, stand strong, and show the enemy what you´re made of! Remember, you aren´t alone in the fight; God is with you. He´s promised to never leave you nor forsake you. Just like the scripture says, if God is for you who can be against you? Friend, you and God are a majority. There´s no weapon, no enemy, no challenge, no disease, no failure, there´s nothing that can overtake you when God is on your side!
I encourage you today; choose an attitude of faith and victory. Keep declaring His promises over your life. Be bold and stand strong because God promises that He has victory in store for the upright. As you keep that attitude of faith, you´ll rise above those difficulties and walk in the freedom He´s prepared for you!

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My favourite couple.

They&#8217;re adorable&#160;!! Idc what anyone says

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His name is Rainer. He raped me on Valentines Day 2014. Pace University let him off the hook, despite my many text messages to a couple of people, that perfectly described what was happening as it was happening from that night. The school forced me into an investigation that I did not want. The Title IX investigators never met with me in person and they frequently ignored my emails. The Dean of Students even told me that I should never have been forced into reporting him. I had to adopt a service dog during the 5 week investigation period because I was having constant panic attacks. Rainer got off scot-free.
"Not enough evidence."

Daily dose of love quotes here

Daily dose of love quotes here

Daily dose of love quotes here

Daily dose of love quotes here